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Project Themba

At the Elegant Group we are sincere about our responsibility as a corporate citizen

We take communities and individuals into account in everything we do, in the knowledge that without the communities who support us, we would not have achieved the success that we have thus far.

We are proud of the fact that many of our businesses have a knock-on effect in uplifting communities, creating sustainable jobs, and empowering people to create their own positive influences in their own communities.

We genuinely believe in transformation within our industry, and have been privileged enough to be able to play a meaningful part in that.

Project Themba (which means "hope" in isiZulu) was started with the goal of creating real, sustainable changes in people's lives, and in turn the lives of their communities.

A selection of previously disadvantaged individuals from the communities in which we work, are trained as artisans in the trades and skills required in our industry, such as welders, pump installers and technicians.

We send beneficiaries of the project for the relevant training, and we also employ both skilled and unskilled workers who grow and learn as they work.

Once they have completed their training, we help beneficiaries of Project Themba to begin their own projects.

There are many such projects in the Limpopo region, and in the early days of Project Themba we would go out and pitch for new projects on behalf of the newly trained artisans. However, Project Themba graduates seldom need help finding projects, as clients are now approaching them.

We also help financially with these projects. Often a client will only pay the artisans a percentage of the money up front, and the rest upon completion of the project. In these cases we assist with up-front funding, and the artisan repays us upon completion of the project and having received full payment from the client.

Project Themba has been a success so far, and the programme has grown from two people on the project at the beginning to 10 individuals currently in the programme.