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Our involvement in liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is part of our effort to be responsible corporate citizens.

Our LPG efforts have created 10 new sustainable job opportunities within our organisation, and the effect that access to LPG has on communities creates a chain of empowerment that leads to the creation of even more jobs.

We supply LPG in 9kg, 19kg and 48kg cylinders. The 48kg cylinder comes with the option of a single or dual valve. The 48kg dual-valve option is often used by individuals within communities as their bulk product, from which they supply gas to the rest of the community in smaller quantities.

Providing LPG to rural communities is also beneficial in other ways. Many people use paraffin as their main fuel, especially for stoves, but paraffin is highly volatile, much more so than LPG, which means accidents can happen more easily, resulting in devastating burns and fires. Paraffin is also often consumed by children, who mistake it for cooldrink, a mistake that cannot happen with LPG. Additionally, unlike paraffin, LPG is clean-burning and releases no toxins into the environment.

While we are extremely proud of the difference our product is making in communities, we are equally pleased with our ability to supply LPG to larger businesses such as fast-food outlets, and agricultural businesses such as poultry and citrus farmers.

As in all our other ventures, we cherish our clients, and treat them accordingly. We want our clients to remain satisfied at all times, so we always keep our supply stocked so that we never let ourselves or our customers run out of LPG and lose money. Our LPG plant is built according to European standards, and our 79m3 tank is one of the largest in Limpopo, ensuring that we are never without the supply our clients need.

Clients who use Elegant Gas as their LPG supplier have grown their businesses because LPG is provided on time, so they experience no downtime while they await the next delivery.