Elegant Bontle Moholo

August marks Women’s Month in South Africa, a month during which we reflect on the amazing and incredible women who contribute to the stability and success of our country. Whether it's heading a company in the corporate workplace, starting a career, child-minding in a village or feeding and raising children, Elegant Fuel salutes each and every one of you. This month we share the stories of just five of the women who have been empowered by Elegant and who, in turn, help to make our business a successful one.

Bontle Beauty Moholo, a cashier at the Elegant Fuel petrol station in Bloemhof in the North West province, sees customer service as the heart of her day-to-day duties.

“I’m here for my customers. I communicate and joke with them so that they leave with a smile on their faces and want to come back,” says Moholo.

She has worked as a cashier at the petrol station for about seven years, even before Elegant Fuel took over the establishment in 2016.

Ever since she started working for Elegant Fuel, the company has empowered her to do her job to the best of her ability, says Moholo.

“When there is a competition or in-store promotion, my manager gathers together all the cashiers and explains all the details. When you have the right information, you’re able to share that knowledge with your clients and give them a good experience.”

Moholo isn’t just a beacon of light and knowledge behind the counter, she also uses her expertise in customer service to mitigate any disagreements between clients and petrol attendants.

“I always listen to both sides of the story to help find an agreeable solution. The most important thing is that clients feel comfortable and satisfied so that they come back.”

As a woman working in a predominantly male-dominated field, Moholo doesn’t feel intimidated. In fact, she enjoys working with men in an environment where everyone respects each other.

“When you want something, you have to work for it and go for it with self-confidence. You can’t hold yourself back out of worry that you’ll be the only woman. I like where I work and enjoy working with the men but, most importantly, I’m here to provide for my family.”

As a single mother of a nine-year-old boy, Moholo wakes up every day with him as her motivation to give her best at work. She wants to see him finish school and go to university. Elegant Fuel is supporting her towards realising her dream, and has always been there for her when she needed help, she says.

“What I love about Elegant Fuel is that the company does everything it can to help employees. Whether it’s a family or money issue, my manager is always willing to listen,” Moholo explains.

Bontle Beauty Moholo works with customer service in mind, with a strong motivation pushing her forward. She is truly the definition of a strong woman, and a valued employee of Elegant Fuel.