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Elegant Fuel marks 10 years by celebrating its customers – and community

Elegant Fuel Golf Day 4

A large part of Elegant’s success is thanks to its loyal customers – and to mark the company’s 10th birthday, it invited them to a special customer appreciation golf day at the Messina Golf Club in Musina on Saturday, 27 October.

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The rising fuel price: it’s not yet time to reconsider our ‘lifestyle of petrol’


Recent technological advances notwithstanding, the internal combustion engine is here to stay. And, with the latest massive fuel price increase just imposed on us, it’s not getting any cheaper to own a car.

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Elegant Fuel CliffCentral Interview

Cliff Central2

Elegant invites people to change the way they think about fuel, and share videos of themselves dancing any dance, in any forecourt, anywhere in the country.

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Investing off the beaten track might just show us the best way


Elegant Fuel, a Limpopo-based company, has puts its money where its mouth by investing in the future of the learners from Milton Mpfumedzeni Secondary School

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Pretoria FM chats to Elegant Fuel

Pta Fm

Elegant Fuel director and oil and energy expert Rocco Strydom, in conversation with Pretoria FM, explains that the consecutive fuel hikes South Africa experienced at the beginning of 2017 are likely to continue for some months to come.

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Elegant Fuel attends PetroForum Africa

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 At 9 54 16 Am

African oil companies of every size came together to meet with top-tier suppliers at this year’s PetroForum Africa, a must-attend event for the African fuel retailer sector. Elegant Fuel was there.

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Sustainably fuelling a business, communities and people

Ef Feature

In an industry dominated by global players, the Elegant Group makes a refreshing change as a fuel company focused on local solutions, according to Group director Rocco Strydom.

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Elegant Fuel chats to Justmoney about fuel-efficient cars

Full Tank

With volatile petrol prices and the recent announcement of the general fuel-levy increase taking effect in April, having a fuel-efficient car has become a necessity. Justmoney chats to experts, including Elegant Fuel’s Rocco Strydom, about some energy-efficient options for you.

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